This Axolotl has a white/pink body color, dark navy/black eyes, bright red gills, may or may not develop freckles depending on the environment and genetics.



Wild Type

Melanoids look very similar to dark Wild Types. However, this Axolotl has an increased amount of melanophores, or dark pigment, and lack shiny pigments. This lack of shine means they don't have golden flecks or other colors throughout their bodies like a wildtype. They are one solid black color.

A wild type axolotl is a combination of greens, browns, blacks, and just about any other color with speckles of shiny gold iridophore pigments. This Axolotl usually has dark eyes with a shiny gold ring around the pupil and purple/gray gills.

GFP Axolotls

Golden Albino

Among the many types of Axolotls out there, these morphs here are the ones you will see for sale when available. 

Types of Axolotls

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This Axolotl has a golden yellow body with shiny patches, clear eyes, with peachy colored gills.The golden albino lacks melanophores, which is what gives it the gold appearance. Like albinos, Golden Albinos cannot have black eyes, as they are a form of albinism.

GFP stands for Green Fluorescent Protein which is a recessive genetic trait that can be contained in any Axolotl morph. This is done by the trait simply being passed down from generation to generation. Axolotls that contain the GFP genetic is able to 'Glow In The Dark' when exposed to black light or blue light. The Axolotls can only glow vibrant green under the glow lights.

The Albino Axolotl has a white/pink body, has clear/red eyes, and bright red gills. This Axolotl will not develop any type of freckles or other pigmentation on the body. However, the tips of the finger will become dark and appear as if the axolotl has dirty fingertips when the Albino Axolotl is on its way to sexual maturity.  The white albino comes in two forms, known only as white and axanthic; for simplicity, we will just call them White Albinos.

Axolotl Care