Hygrophila Polysperma

Great for beginners. Plant pretty much grows everywhere; Rocks, Driftwood, Pebbles, Sand .ect. Looks Great in aquariums. Amazing spot for pets like Axolotls to lay eggs on. $3 shipping charge Canada-wide. 


Great for beginners. Great looking plant. Amazing spot for smaller fish like guppies to hid in. Helps absorbs harmful chemicals.  $3 shipping charge Canada-wide. 

Java Fern

Live aquarium plants are absolutely a great addition to any Aquarium. Providing so many great benefits like better-oxygenated water, places of hiding, Fabulous appeal, a cleaner tank (Chemical & biological filtration), Absorbs harmful chemicals; Better water quality and healthier fish and tank in general! 

Duck Weed

Great for beginners. Great snack for the larger fish & great hiding place for those hatchlings/fry that likes to stay near the surface. This plant really helps keep ammonia and nitrate levels in control. $3 shipping charge Canada-wide. 

Live Aquarium Plants 

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